Volunteer Opportunity

Volunteer Hours

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities for SHS students from our SHS IT club. You can find all the opportunities here.

TUTORS: Submit your volunteer hours here every time you finish tutoring.

NON-TUTORS: You may report volunteer hours and request a volunteer certificate from IT club by submitting to this google form. In the google form, we ask you to attach a document showing your self-tracked volunteer hours indicating service date, activity and hours (see volunteer hour tracking template)

President's Volunteer Service Award

SHS IT club is under a non-profit organization. Joining the SHS IT club will automatically make you a member of the non-profit organization IT club.

If you meet the PVSA volunteer hour requirement, we can help you to apply for PVSA as long as 60% and above of your volunteer hours are obtained from the IT club. For more details, please go to this page.