We provide free tutoring through our partnership with KAFPA, to help underserved youth, especially to adoptive and foster families in San Francisco, Bay Area. Our goal is to help the underserved youth access more academic resources and do better in school.

Who are our tutors?

Our tutors are students from Saratoga High School who maintain an average grade of B and above. We believe that a high school student with a solid academic foundation can be a great resource to underserved youth.

Is the tutor service free of cost?

Yes, we intend to help underserved youth access more academic resources without worrying about cost.

Who can be enrolled as a student?

We encourage underserved youth from 4th grade to 8th grade to enroll.

How can I get a tutor?

Click the "Enroll a student" button to fill in a google form and submit it. Once you are matched with a tutor, the tutor will contact you.

What will you be tutoring?

Any elementary or middle school courses (questions or homework that students have). We are more focused on STEM courses.

What is the schedule of the tutor service?

The schedule is discussed between tutors and students.

Can I contact my tutor about questions any time?

Unfortunately, our tutors are in high school and have a busy schedule. If you have any questions then arrange a tutor session with your tutor.

Can I request an in-person tutoring?

No. We only offer online tutoring. In-person tutoring is not provided.

How long does it take to get a tutor after I submit the application?

We try to match you with a tutor as soon as possible. However, you may need to wait longer if we have not matched you with a qualified tutor yet.